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Carnaval del Pueblo
Latin American Focus group

We are dedicated and passionate team, increasing awareness and creating understanding of the vibrant cultural heritage of the 19 Latin American countries, drawing in from the wider community.

Following Carnaval del Pueblo's empowering week-long Appreciative Leadership course on the Greek island of Crete run by The Ubele Initiative and Dr Markos Perrakis of Fractality we attended a focus group organized by Southwark's Social Economic Coordinator Jacey Stewart to hear the specific aspirations of each of the participants and help identify the funding sources, support networks, and space they would need for their fledgling micro-businesses and social enterprises to survive and thrive.

The sessions were led by Jenny Smith of the Social Investment Business and supported by Mauricio Preciado-Awad of Big Society Capital.

It was an enlightening and empowering event, another positive outcome for the Carnaval del Pueblo collective and the Latin American community, and an opportunity for all involved to further advance and develop the personal projects that took shape in Crete and the others that have come under the Carnaval del Pueblo umbrella since we returned.

"We believe people can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world."


Our Mission

To create great, global quality Latin American carnival. Our Objectives For the public benefit, to promote, improve and advance education in, and appreciation of, the arts (meaning the musical, visual, dramatic or any other arts provided in each case that they are of recognised cultural or educational value), in particular by staging events to celebrate, promote and develop a greater understanding of Latin American culture.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to see an enriched and empowered Latin American community in London and the UK. Our Strategy is to explore, reveal, share, educate with and celebrate the Latin American, 19 country cultural heritage to attain our strategic aims.
Carnaval del Pueblo has 4 strategic aims:

• To bring the London Borough of Southwark’s beautiful Burgess Park Carnaval del Pueblo festival back to its full glory for all to enjoy.

• To have an iconic, fit for purpose building from which to carry out all things creative, cultural, empowering and entrepreneurial.

• To encourage our cohort of young Latin American artists and entrepreneurs to reach their full potential.

• To bring the Latin American School to its full potential for generations to come and through it encourage a positive Latin American narrative in the UK that embraces and fosters equality, diversity and social justice.

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Meet us



Chiara based her whole career on establishing successful relations between Latin American and the UK across different fields.



Pedro Gil is Director and Founder of Studio Gil and an Architectural Academic.



Dr Robin Bunce is a historian based at Homerton College, University of Cambridge.



Nuala is the director of Carnaval del Pueblo association for 20 years.



BA (Hons)

Business and Management at University of Kent.

Support marginalised people in our London communities.

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